The art of baseball is much more than the sport it represents, it not you swing a bat and try to hit a ball. Although watching baseball sometimes can be boring, but it is exciting once you’re playing it.  When I was younger at my brother baseball game, I knew from that point on I wanted to play because it look so fun and exciting.

And so I did, but I did not know there was so much instructions and skill that was needed. As I learned them I loved it even more, and my passion for baseball will always be there. I played baseball since I was 6 and I continue to still play till this day. I learn how to play at young age, and my brother taught me how to throw and hit. I did not except it to have so much steps and skill needed in order to perfect a swing.

Her is 7 ABSOLUTES OF HOW TO HIT A BASEBALL and a good swing.

  • Hitting against a firm front side.

This doesn’t always mean a stiff leg, you can have a slight bend but this leg is keeping the rest of your body and hands behind the baseball. This leg will stop your forward momentum and start the axis of rotation that you will now be hitting on. This is very important, you lose this firm front side you lose a lot of bat speed and your head movement drastically increases

  • Have your back foot on its toe

When you commit your backside and decide to swing, the force you generate going toward the baseball will be abruptly stopped by your firm front side so you can start rotation, what’s left is your back toe on or slightly off the ground.

  • The hands are in a palm up, palm down position.

On a right handed hitter if you took the bat away at contact and had him open up his hands his right hand should be facing straight up towards the sky (or receiving the money) and the left hand should be facing the ground. This bat grip is the most powerful position you can be in at contact.

  • Head on the ball.

I.e. Seeing the ball at its contact point.  This might be obvious, but it’s not simple.   Knowing how to hit a baseball starts with knowing how see the ball.  How to be a better baseball hitter – Seeing the Baseball talks more about the importance of this point, as well as some tips to improve your ability to see the baseball.

5.)  The Your back knee, back hip and head should be in a straight line.

A thought is to stick a pole in the ground through your knee, hip and head and rotate around that pole. That ensures you are not too far forward losing power and not too far bat getting tied up and having an uphill inconsistent swing

  • Your head should be right in the middle of your feet.

Think of it as a triangle draw 3 lines between your head and two feet. A triangle is a very strong structural object used in many applications (roof joists etc.) So being in a strong triangle will be the strongest possible position for your body. Also it allows you to rotate on an axis with minimal head movement.

  • Top arm is bent

Ideally you want your elbow planted firmly against your side.  This is where you are most powerful.  The closer your elbow is to your body, the more torque you can create as you spin.  The farther your elbow gets as you straighten it, the more you are losing power and leverage and making the force of the baseball more powerful against you.

I hope this specific skill from what I told you helps you with your swing. Baseball in itself is an art to me. I enjoyed this activity.


Week 12 : Artist Conversation


This week I interviewed Katherine Cox , She was a really cool person to talk to.  Katherine Cox’s work consists of mainly decorative work. Her work this week was mainly created by ceramic work made into great vases. It took her a semester for her to prepare the work and she told me that it wasn’t easy to finish it. All her vases have a lil bit of blue in them as well.

Katherine is currently an undergrad and the picture below were for her BFA show. According to Cox her work was inspired by traditional aspects. The work displayed was from Asian traditions, but not all her work is inspired by Asian traditions. I like enjoyed how she used her ceramics skills to create the vases and teapots.

I enjoyed Katherine and I enjoyed seeing her work. I asked Katherine what she wanted to do with her art and she said would like it to be seen in a well-known art shows.   She said once she finished school she said that she wanted to keep making art.  She loves what she does and I enjoyed her work. Katherine keep up the good work and you will go far. Best of luck to you.

Week12: Classmate Conversation


Week 12  I met/ interview  Joseph Cardoso. Joseph currently attends California State University, Long Beach. His major at CSULB is Human Development. Joseph told me that his major studies the development of humans from birth till death! Joseph wants to do with being a Human Development major is becoming a counselor. Joseph would do well in being a counselor because it is easy to talk to him. Joseph said he would love to become a counselor at his old high school he attend.   He seems to understand everything you tell him.

Joseph is a native from Long Beach and he been living here his whole life.  He lives about ten minutes away and yes he is lucky to live close by. His hobbies consist of doing art, not just any art though. The art that Joseph does is digital art. The program he uses to make digital art is Blender. He said that Blender is not the best program to make 3D but it is still okay.  But he never told me what would be the best program to make 3D art. When he finishes his 3D art, he posts it online and people get to download it, for FREE! He gives away his art to the public for free which is awesome. Online he currently has some competition with another digital art artist which makes him strive for the best. Joseph also told me that he wanted to get his hands dirty with art , other than just digital art.

Joseph’s is the youngest out of 3 and the cool thing his sister goes to long beach as well. Back in high school, Joseph ran in track/cross country and was on the swimming team. He told me he loved to run because it clear his mind and gave him more endurance   as well.  After we spoke about our high school past, we started to talk about traveling. Joseph has not traveled as much as he wishes he would have. The furthest place he has been too is Palm Springs! Which is only 2 hours away! He hopes that after he graduates from CSULB he will go traveling around the world for a year. His main places he would like to go would be Spain, Germany, and Great Britain. Joseph has a bright future ahead of him, I hope him nothing but the best. Thank again for the fun interview .



This activity I had the experience to work with plaster for the first time. It was both love/hate experience because i got furstated with it . I love that we were able to go to the beach because i a fan of the beach.

Although my foot didn’t come out  as perfectly as i wanted it  still did the trick . It  had a few cracks but it stayed together for the most part. The process of working with plaster, water, my foot, and making it into a sculpture, was both fun/frustrating.  It took me several attempts to get what i got. I used the whole thing of plaster just to do one sculpture  of my foot.  I was a little upset that it wasn’t very detailed but than i got over it because i tired my best .

I was pretty amazed at how hard it was to plaster something . Than i realized that plaster is used for a lot of things like for example , walls , ceilings , which is usual for it. Also plaster is used for a lot of sculptures for the face , body and anything you can think of .  I enjoyed this project and hope next time i plaster something it comes out better next time.


WK:11 Artist conversation


This week i interview two cool guys that names are Jerry Pena and Kyle Cruz. To me these two gentlemen were different from any other artist i met before. I  felt like i could relate to there art for some reason.Their art had a sense of urban style to it when I first saw it. I was also impressed with the car bumpers they had on each side when stepping in.

I ask both Pena and Cruz  the reasoning to their work and they explained that they wanted their work to be completely different from other art work people usually see. Their both undergrads at Cal State Long Beach. There art work is they created below is called 5620. They both explained that their work took approximately 6 months to prepare and finish.  Cruz said he is from San Francisco and Pena is a native from north long beach.

So before i ended the interview i asked them what was there goals with  there art. They told me they want to stay in school so they can become well known artists. Pena and Cruz where my favorite artist so far , keep up the good work fellas.


WK:11 Conversation with Classmate


The person I interviewed for week 11 is Benjamin Lee. His full name is Benjamin but he prefers to be called Ben because it is shorter for others to say. Ben is a Taiwanese-American who is currently studying Computer Engineering at CSULB. He said that he decide on studying computers when he was a junior in high school. He has been using computers and surrounded by technology when he was growing up. It has been a big part of his life and that is why he feels that Computer Engineering would be the right decision.

When I asked him how he liked his classes so far, he said that his classes are interesting, but definitely not the easiest subjects. He has to spend a lot of time studying for midterms and working on projects. When he isn’t dealing with school work, he likes to spend his time playing video games like League of Legends. He also likes to watch anime and read manga when he has time. He said that this is what he does the majority of the time aside from going to the gym 3 times a week and hanging out with friends.

I really enjoyed talking to Ben during the interview. Even though he does not know what he wants to do in the future, he is working on getting his degree in a difficult major like Computer Engineering. I wish him well and hope he finds out what he wants to do in the future.

WK10: Artist Conversation


Just Don’t Clog The Sink (aka “the plaster show”)    -Bryan Crockett

In the dutzi-gallery, there was “A Group Sculpture Exhibition” by Bryan Crockett. Although, Bryan was not present, he called his exhibition, “Just don’t Clog The Sink”, and allowed us to see all the fascinating sculptures. This one on the far left, was by far the one that caught my attention the most. I found it gripping the moment I stepped foot in to that gallery, because of its unique human form and the capability to construct this. I looked around all else in this particular gallery to see how it came about its name, Hence “Just don’t Clog The Sink”.  The background to the exhibition explained how it was a group of both BFA and Graduate program students, and how it is a highly interdisciplinary definition of discourse of  material tradition.

Each student performed something different to the exhibition, and sculpted a material found captivating in. Plaster is a material used throughout the gallery and it has been around and used for many decades. It is used for a variety of things, such as building, construction, and of course art sculptures. Sculpture, has stretched very far and influenced art in another dimension, taking its name sculpture plasters.

The main overview in this exhibition is simply to perform the wonders of Sculpture and experiment in many ways the different types, and have each and every one contain a sense of  strong historical association. One thing for sure the exhibition and all of its sculptures within, have a way of speaking for themselves on what they represent.