Week 15 : Classmate Conversation


I got the pleasure to  meet Edgar Bueno this week. It is Edgar’s first year at CSULB. His major is currently sociology, and he hopes to go to dental school in the future. Edgar’s birthday is October 22. He went to Bellflower High School, where he played soccer. Edgar mentioned that he likes watching European soccer, and that his favorite team is Manchester United. Edgar is taking Art 110 to fulfill one of his GE requirements. So far, his favorite assignment has been the graffiti activity. His least favorite assignment has been the sculpture activity at the beach. He is an Laker fan and i told him i was a clipper fan and we have a little discussion of how are teams are better than one another .

So far, Edgar’s favorite class, in college, has been sociology. Something that Edgar and I both have in common is that were first generation college students . In addition, Edgar also has an little brother who is 12 years old and one that’s 15 years old. .Some last fun facts about Edgar is that he knows how to speak Spanish, and that his favorite color is blue . Another fun fact about Edgar he visited Cancun and Hawaii. He said he wants to travel the world one day . He also told me he wanted to visited Europe and Italy. He wants to travel the world because he want to be able to tell his future kids about his experiences . I enjoyed talking to Edgar and i hope nothing but the best for him and his future. He a cool dude and i know he going to succeed in life. Make sure you finish finals strong and enjoy your Summer.


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