Week 14: Artist conversation


This week I was able to interview a familiar face I saw a few weeks back in the art gallery, and her name is Yireh Elaine Kwak. I love her previous work as well as her new work. It is always exciting to see what she is creating next because she always have fresh new ideas. I was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to be able to see more of her incredible work before the end of the semester.

One thing that really caught my eye were her vibrant colors in her work.  Don’t get me wrong each painting in the gallery had vibrant colors but something about her work caught my attention. . It was really cool to experience this show in particular since I was able to see her work from weeks before. I feel like her work has a great meaning not only to her herself, but others are able to connect with the portrait and provide their meaning to it as well.

Miss hawk is a really cool artist but as well as a person. I enjoyed meeting her again even if she didn’t remember who I was.  The portrait I took a picture of was really cool because it had meaning to her. She told me it was a portrait of what she misses from her previous hometown and it will always have a part of her life. That just showed me that art has so much more meaning than it just looks like and I enjoy seeing other people passion threw their work.


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