Week 14: Classmate Conversation


On week 14 I interview a pretty cool guy name Kyle Dinsmore. He is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. He is a business major or either finance or management. He played basketball his entire life, he played in high school as well. Kyle told me it was between long beach and Fullerton. He chose here because of our gym and plus it near the beach, and the people here were pretty nice when he came too visited. Kyle grew up in fountain Valley, CA and went to Fountain Valley High School. While there he played basketball and ran cross country. He told me that ball was life and he only ran cross country so he could stay in shape for basketball.

Kyle said he always wanted to travel around the world when he has his career and the money to do it. Places he always wanted to go to was either Tahiti because of their beaches or Australia because of their accent and things to do there.  He said with free time his like to do activities like play basketball with friends, hiking, play video games and of course sleep.  He plans on getting a job at a hotel this summer to see if he would like it as a job.  He and his family are taking a family trip to New York this summer and he is really excited about it as well. I hope nothing but the best for Kyle and his future. I hope you have a good summer and good next semester. Remember to finish this semester off strong, and thank you for the fun interview. I hope I run into sometime next semester, have a good one.


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