Week12: Extra Credit

For this week’s extra credit we had the option to explain which were are three favorite activities and which were the least favorite.  My favorite actives in this class were Student Choice, Social Photography, Yarn Bombing. I liked the social photography because we were able to use social media  like Instagram every day, so i though it was  pretty cool. The Yarn Bombing was fun because i was able to show my shoe design i made and i enjoyed sharing  that on my blog . The last one which was the Student Choice was a good activity because i was able to share what i did for spring break.

My three least favorite activities were the Plaster Casting, Portrait Photography,Graffiti Writing. I didnt enjoy the plaster casting because one it was hard to do as well as alot of materials need for it. The Portrait Photography one did not suit me because I do not like playing dead cause of religious reasons. . I did not like the Graffiti Writing project because I had to get the spray cans for it and it was hard for me to get them because i lost my id and i couldn’t buy them . So i had to have one of my friends buy them for me.

Overall, I do enjoy this class very much because it allows you to interact with people. It helps you get a network going and making your own brand kind of. I like how every week we have to meet a new person because in college you don’t talk to a lot of people in your classes.


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