Week12: Classmate Conversation


Week 12  I met/ interview  Joseph Cardoso. Joseph currently attends California State University, Long Beach. His major at CSULB is Human Development. Joseph told me that his major studies the development of humans from birth till death! Joseph wants to do with being a Human Development major is becoming a counselor. Joseph would do well in being a counselor because it is easy to talk to him. Joseph said he would love to become a counselor at his old high school he attend.   He seems to understand everything you tell him.

Joseph is a native from Long Beach and he been living here his whole life.  He lives about ten minutes away and yes he is lucky to live close by. His hobbies consist of doing art, not just any art though. The art that Joseph does is digital art. The program he uses to make digital art is Blender. He said that Blender is not the best program to make 3D but it is still okay.  But he never told me what would be the best program to make 3D art. When he finishes his 3D art, he posts it online and people get to download it, for FREE! He gives away his art to the public for free which is awesome. Online he currently has some competition with another digital art artist which makes him strive for the best. Joseph also told me that he wanted to get his hands dirty with art , other than just digital art.

Joseph’s is the youngest out of 3 and the cool thing his sister goes to long beach as well. Back in high school, Joseph ran in track/cross country and was on the swimming team. He told me he loved to run because it clear his mind and gave him more endurance   as well.  After we spoke about our high school past, we started to talk about traveling. Joseph has not traveled as much as he wishes he would have. The furthest place he has been too is Palm Springs! Which is only 2 hours away! He hopes that after he graduates from CSULB he will go traveling around the world for a year. His main places he would like to go would be Spain, Germany, and Great Britain. Joseph has a bright future ahead of him, I hope him nothing but the best. Thank again for the fun interview .


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