Week 12 : Artist Conversation


This week I interviewed Katherine Cox , She was a really cool person to talk to.  Katherine Cox’s work consists of mainly decorative work. Her work this week was mainly created by ceramic work made into great vases. It took her a semester for her to prepare the work and she told me that it wasn’t easy to finish it. All her vases have a lil bit of blue in them as well.

Katherine is currently an undergrad and the picture below were for her BFA show. According to Cox her work was inspired by traditional aspects. The work displayed was from Asian traditions, but not all her work is inspired by Asian traditions. I like enjoyed how she used her ceramics skills to create the vases and teapots.

I enjoyed Katherine and I enjoyed seeing her work. I asked Katherine what she wanted to do with her art and she said would like it to be seen in a well-known art shows.   She said once she finished school she said that she wanted to keep making art.  She loves what she does and I enjoyed her work. Katherine keep up the good work and you will go far. Best of luck to you.


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