This activity I had the experience to work with plaster for the first time. It was both love/hate experience because i got furstated with it . I love that we were able to go to the beach because i a fan of the beach.

Although my foot didn’t come out  as perfectly as i wanted it  still did the trick . It  had a few cracks but it stayed together for the most part. The process of working with plaster, water, my foot, and making it into a sculpture, was both fun/frustrating.  It took me several attempts to get what i got. I used the whole thing of plaster just to do one sculpture  of my foot.  I was a little upset that it wasn’t very detailed but than i got over it because i tired my best .

I was pretty amazed at how hard it was to plaster something . Than i realized that plaster is used for a lot of things like for example , walls , ceilings , which is usual for it. Also plaster is used for a lot of sculptures for the face , body and anything you can think of .  I enjoyed this project and hope next time i plaster something it comes out better next time.



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