WK:11 Artist conversation


This week i interview two cool guys that names are Jerry Pena and Kyle Cruz. To me these two gentlemen were different from any other artist i met before. I  felt like i could relate to there art for some reason.Their art had a sense of urban style to it when I first saw it. I was also impressed with the car bumpers they had on each side when stepping in.

I ask both Pena and Cruz  the reasoning to their work and they explained that they wanted their work to be completely different from other art work people usually see. Their both undergrads at Cal State Long Beach. There art work is they created below is called 5620. They both explained that their work took approximately 6 months to prepare and finish.  Cruz said he is from San Francisco and Pena is a native from north long beach.

So before i ended the interview i asked them what was there goals with  there art. They told me they want to stay in school so they can become well known artists. Pena and Cruz where my favorite artist so far , keep up the good work fellas.



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