WK:10 Student Choice


For this week activity I honestly didn’t know what to do because I was so used to doing the assignment professor glen gives us. It was hard to figure out something but once I talking to Glen he told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. So I thought it would be cool to share what I’m doing over spring break this year. I wanted this spring break to be fun because I’m always doing nothing over spring break.

So to kick off my spring break I am going to six flags with some friends. We all wanted to go because we all haven’t been since we went for our grad night our senior year. Than on Tuesday I am going to San Diego to see my best friend and to go to the zoo out there.  Than were going to hit the beaches out there and some night clubs if we get a chance too. Once Wednesday hit I have to go to Arizona with my cousin to visit his girlfriend at Arizona State University . We going to drive up there , so it should be a fun trip.  So from there where going to see her and also see our family members that lives out there. But once we leave ASU were going to go to Las Vegas to sight-see and hit the Strip as well.

So I and my cousin are going on a mini road trip around California for spring break. I almost forgot that we going to go cliff jumping too, I’m so excited for it because I never did something like that before.  So I can’t wait till I do all of these things because it been a while since I got out and did something fun for myself .  Plus the best thing about this spring break is that im going to be with my favorite cousin i haven’t seen in some months now.


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