Wk:10 Classmate Conversation


So this week I had the pleasure of meeting/interviewing Julyssa Juarez. Julyssa is a first year at Cal State Long Beach and at the moment she is undeclared. She said she doesn’t know what she wants to major in yet but she hopes she figures it out soon. Julyssa originally from Downey but she lives in beach side dorms because she wanted to get the full college experience. She also said that it wouldn’t feel right if she would of live at home anyway. Julyssa played volley ball for 7 years straight and she is very passionate about it as well.

Julyssa currently work as a volleyball coach for 12 year olds at Offshore Volleyball Club. She said it is everything she wanted in a job. She rushed last semester and she is an active member of Delta Gamma. Her role with Delta Gamma is a director of E-comm. I wasn’t too sure what it was but it seem very important to her. A fun fact is that her name is spelled JULYssa, because she was originally supposed to be born in july but then she came out 2 weeks later on august 12. Julyssa doesn’t have a middle name either.

Julyssa said she always had a thing for art since middle school.  She took art from middle school all the way threw high school. Her favorite type of art is   hands on art, using clay and painting. She likes going to the galleries every Thursday to look at the art shows. Julyssa would love to major in art but she feel that it doesn’t make a lot of money. She think of it more of as a hobby because she loves it a lot. But I hope nothing but the best for julyssa because she is a cool person.  Thanks a lot for letting me interviewing you.


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