WK10: Artist Conversation


Just Don’t Clog The Sink (aka “the plaster show”)    -Bryan Crockett

In the dutzi-gallery, there was “A Group Sculpture Exhibition” by Bryan Crockett. Although, Bryan was not present, he called his exhibition, “Just don’t Clog The Sink”, and allowed us to see all the fascinating sculptures. This one on the far left, was by far the one that caught my attention the most. I found it gripping the moment I stepped foot in to that gallery, because of its unique human form and the capability to construct this. I looked around all else in this particular gallery to see how it came about its name, Hence “Just don’t Clog The Sink”.  The background to the exhibition explained how it was a group of both BFA and Graduate program students, and how it is a highly interdisciplinary definition of discourse of  material tradition.

Each student performed something different to the exhibition, and sculpted a material found captivating in. Plaster is a material used throughout the gallery and it has been around and used for many decades. It is used for a variety of things, such as building, construction, and of course art sculptures. Sculpture, has stretched very far and influenced art in another dimension, taking its name sculpture plasters.

The main overview in this exhibition is simply to perform the wonders of Sculpture and experiment in many ways the different types, and have each and every one contain a sense of  strong historical association. One thing for sure the exhibition and all of its sculptures within, have a way of speaking for themselves on what they represent.



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