Wk:9 Classmate Conversation


So this week I interview Scott Hutchinson, he is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. I found out he is undeclared but he said he either wants to major in Art or Business.  He wants to be a famous photographer.  Than I found out he is a photographer and has been doing for some time now.  But he told me he wants to be a credible photographer.   Than he later told me he is from Huntington Beach and he hate the US open. Than he went on saying that no one from Huntington goes to that stupid event. All it does is cause trouble for people who live over in that area.

Scott is 20 years old and he’s a Scorpio. He a free spirt with life and just goes with the flow.  I found out he like to relax and meditate. He says he meditate at least two times a week. He feel like a lot of people should do it because it was good way to release stress.  His favorite type of music is electro and dub step. But he told me his favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson.

Scott has a lot of plans with his life and I hope he accomplish everything he set his mind too.  His a cool guy and he’s down to earth. I hope Scott continue to progress and go far in life. I wish more people view life like he did because he out look at life is amazing. I want to thank Scott for the fun interview.



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