WK:9 Artist Conversation


This week another classmate and I visited werby gallery. I noticed filtered photographs of different areas of Long Beach. Our first interpretation of the photography collage was that it was portraying different types of architecture throughout LA county. We noticed that some areas looked more appealing than others. Just by looking at the apartment/ home, one could predict the quality of the neighborhood. Most of the buildings looked very old fashion such as the one labeled Harvard Blvd. and we didn’t see any that looked contemporary.

We discovered that these places were built since 1970 and 1980. These apartments and homes were residence of the artist, Ralph Acosta. Unfortunately he wasn’t present at the gallery so our perspective of the art had to suffice. We came up with more interpretations as we observed the art and other classmates who commented on it. We wondered if these buildings are still built and when the artist took these photographs. We assumed that the artist went back to each of his old residences to take pictures, which is a beautiful thing. Every time i’m in Detroit I go to my grandma’s old house to reminisce and see if my neighbors still live around there or if the house looks the same. All of those things fascinate me.

A home is a part of you because your memories with your family and friends were created there. So a home is like a prized possession that means something to you even when you don’t reside there anymore. Stopping to admire your old home or even passing by as a coincidence can strike a feeling of happiness or sadness. These emotions may trigger based on your experiences there. Maybe you met your best friend in that neighborhood or maybe you lost a loved one who lived in that home with you. Either way, a home creates memories that will never fade so it is meaningful to see if it stays the same or progresses over time.


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