WK:9 Architecture & urban planning


This week activity was a hard one for me . To start off i do apologize for the ugly drawings because drawing isn’t my cup of tea.  But in this map i wanted to switch it up a bit. I wanted my main thing to be the parking lot in the middle of the campus .

It because i feel it would be easier access to students and teachers . Having it in the middle of the campus would help students get to class on time and not having them walk from one side to campus to the other side . Plus i added more space for the parking space because it always seem like you cant find parking at school sometimes .

So my map reflects my vision of how i see the school should of been set up. I enjoyed this activity even if i cant draw because it made me really think about what i wanted to do . It also let you have fun with the map. So i enjoyed this activity and thanks you for getting me out of my comfort zone.


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