WK:8 Artist Conversation


This week myself and another classmate went to the Dutzi gallery. As we observed the project we began to think that that the colors of the fabric represented an emotion. Each fabric was laid out a certain way with certain sizes and colors. We were close but we didn’t have the full idea. We talked to Kezia Fullerton who is a 3d Fiber Arts major at CSULB.

The artist told us that each of these fabrics do hold some emotion but for a certain person. Each fabric represented a person. The size, colors and layout of the fabric related to the persons identity. One if them represented her grandparents. She took there measurements and died it with tea because she reminisced that scent from them. Another one represented her friend whom she is very close to. She died it with different bright colors because her friend died her hair a lot. The fabric was wrapped across a stand like a scarf yo represent comfort. Hence she feels comfort around her friend.

We really like the whole idea of her gallery because at first it seemed like something simple. But once you get the artist’s perspective, her art pieces become meaningful and complex. She also had a weaving tool on her table and showed us how it works which gave us a hands on experience. Overall we liked the fiber at project by Kezia


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