So it took a lot of thinking for this project.   It was unusual to me to play dead but that was the excitement behind it all. As the week went on I thought about it and I found it interesting to do it and believe it or not it was something I have never thought I would do.

When I ever thought about death I would want people to remember the good times about me not the bad times. So I would want to die doing something I love or enjoyed doing.


So I decided why not do my project after I finish a video I did with my friends. So my picture took place in front of the Parkside commons room and I thought it was a good place because I had so many good memories  there.  But I feel like my picture says another story.  I feel that my picture talks about sadness and grief. It shows another African American being killed for being at a wrong place at the wrong time. Just hanging out with friends at school but being mistaken for a suspect in the police eyes. Just because he was out late-night hanging out with other blacks he paid his life for it. But in reality he was a good student who over work himself in school. He was all about his business and didn’t have time for fun. I feel like it was a symbol of rest because of how it came out. Also it shows someone who was almost to the door of accomplishing great things but he didn’t make it.  He was another black man in society who slip between racist perspectives and paid his life for it.


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