WK7: Classmate Conversation W Dorothy McMahon


On March 5th 2015 I had a lovely conversation with Dorothy McMahon. She is called Dot by the people who know her. Dot is a Sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. She is 20 years old and lives in Long Beach near the traffic circle. Dot has been enjoying her time at Cal State Long Beach and is a Film major.

Dot plans on becoming a production designer for films. She became infatuated with film when she was very young and saw the Lord of The Rings on the big screen. Ever since then she has been playing with the idea of being able to create worlds like that herself. She likes to experiment with pen on paper (drawing sets) and makeup and clay (creating characters). She has worked on theater plays as the lead makeup artist. Also she has helped with creating the sets for those productions.
After this semester Dot is planning on going to Germany and studying there. Then when she comes back to the states she wants to start creating films of her own. She has a lot of big goals for herself and hopes to inspire people through her art. She seems like a very strong determined girl. I hope nothing but the best for her.

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