WK 6 Artist Conversation


This week a few classmates and I had a conversation with a Emily Babbette. She is a theater major and also a senior. She started truly painting about two years ago and wants to continue her life as an artist Her gallery caught our attentions. The art pieces were huge charcoal drawings of different people, all sitting down. Our take on it was that people have different lifestyles that may be tiring but they accept them. Well we were close, but not quite right.

The purpose behind these art pieces was to reveal musical subculture. To portray that one’s appearance expresses one’s lifestyle. Babbette started that she is really interested in the Gothic culture and the sketch piece above is one of her favorites. One thing that we found really cool is that she uses people as models for her art piece. Even the ones that portray ancient style characters were dressed up models. She spend up to forty hours on one observation sketch. 12 hours outlining and the remaining time is dedicated to adding detail and background.

Overall we thought Babbette’s sketches were very neat and had a meaningful purpose behind it. They each appeared to be carefully thought/crafted out.We also thought that it was cool being a figurative artist.


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