So with my “yarn” bombing experience I used fibers instead of Yarn. I used fibers because it was easier for me and also I had more experience fooling around with fibers. I actually had a blast doing this assignment and it was also excited just as the graffiti bombing! I wanted to use yarn but I wasn’t able to go get yarn and I thought it would be cool to fool around with the fiber and show people my own creations I can make. My trip up to FA2, I saw some pretty cool things over there. One thing that stood out to me up there were the colors. I fell in love with its colors and designs and how they were all put together nicely. The color, is what caught my eye and of course it’s unique design as well as texture.  Just to know it was made by someone else is fascinating to me, so I really enjoyed looking at the great art.


When I heard the assignment, I didn’t know what to do. But once the professor went more into details I knew that I already did this before. I have a passionate for shoes and clothes. And I always like having my own style and my own creations. So when I get different ideas I try to stretch them out or make notes of them.  So my fiber bombing is when I personalize my own shoes. I did them to my roshes and It felt good being able to make something yourself. It was a great feeling when I got them in the mail. I loved when I wore them and people compliment me. People asked me all the time where they can get a pair of them.I told them there a unique pair . It just gives you a feeling out of the world.  It gives you self-confidence and make you feel like you accomplished everything you need too. I also love finishing something and just looking at what I did and the feeling that overcomes me makes me proud of myself.  I really enjoyed this and sharing it with others!


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