Wk6 Classmate conversation


Christen Drake is a first year Fashion Merchandising major at Cal State Long Beach. She is also thinking about double majoring in Art because she misses it from high school. She doesn’t really know what she wants to do for a career yet and says she just wants to sort of wing it and see where it takes her. She did say she wants to at least try designing and maybe jewelry making though and maybe make her own business out of that. She said only time would tell.

In her free time, Christen said she loves going to the beach, listening to music, hanging out with her boyfriend, and taking her dog to the park. She doesn’t have any siblings, but her dog makes it seem like there’s a toddler (who really likes eating socks) in the house all the time. Just like me, Christen loves the idea of travelling and wants to see the world. She hopes that her career in fashion might be able to make that a reality.

Christen used to work at Buffalo Exchange, which she really liked, and before that even interned in the Fashion District in LA, which she said made her realize she would truly love pursing fashion as a career. Now, she said she is “focusing on school” aka doesn’t have a job, which she kind of hates. She is, however, helping out with her friend’s tee shirt company as a designer. She said she doesn’t really have any experience with street wear, but had always admired it and was happy to have a shot at being a part of such a cool part of her industry. We talked about both loving getting to try new things and seeing what we can do with them, especially if we can find a way to make a living off of them. It’s funny sometimes how a job can actually just seem like something new and fun to do.

Christen mentioned that she was excited about getting her first tattoo in the next few weeks. Not only is it scheduled for the day after her birthday, but this Thursday was also the day of her dad’s (hopefully) last surgery to get rid of his colon cancer. Since the tattoo was mostly about him and her childhood, she said it seemed like “fate or destiny or something”. She said she had thought about getting the tattoo if something bad actually happened so she could remember him by it, but realized that was stupid. She said remembering people when they’re gone is a good thing, but remembering and appreciating them while they’re still with you is even better. Even though her dad doesn’t really understand tattoos (and she didn’t really tell him it was about him), he was actually supportive which I thought was cool of him.

Although Christen seemed a bit awkward about talking about herself at first, we ended up actually having a nice time just chatting about things. Hopefully we can both figure out school and our future jobs and still find time to travel and do all the other fun things we want to. In the mean time, I wish her all the best with whatever direction her life seems to go and I hope to see her around in Art 110.


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