WK5 Kick starter Activity

The first video from the technology category that I picked was about a mobile app called Moveable. The guy had a goal of $38, 889 and so far has only $126 with just a few weeks to go until they decide rather to fund his project or not. He is very far from his goal. I think part of that is because the app is not really beneficial worldwide. The guy originated his app in New York which is a huge tourist area, but in other states this app wouldn’t be as necessary. This app is also not that beneficial because people can get routes from their phone navigation, Siri, Google Maps, and so on. I think this project is to similar to other apps that have already been created.


The next video from the technology category that I picked was about Qmote. Now the idea behind this project is genius. The Qmote functions as a remote for your phone, computer, and even for your house. You can locate your phone, flip through PowerPoint slides, and turn on your home security system with this portable handy device. This project has raise over $50,000 of its actual goal and I am not surprised. I would pledge just to help this Qmote get sold in stores so I could get one. The only thing I wish they did was offer a free trial or discount on this device but other than that, this kickstarter was convincing and professional.


The third video I picked was from the fashion category and it was about Bondi laces. An Australian man found a solution for frayed shoestring that have to be licked or cut to put through the shoestring hole. He created good quality shoe laces that can hold up to 600 pounds. Not only are the shoe laces durable, but they are stylish. They come in different colors and patterns. Although I believe that this is a good investment, it is far behind its goal. I am not sure why a lot of people haven’t pledged for this project but it’s probably because it’s a simple idea. No one really cares about shoestring, we need to focus on better quality shoes before we invest in quality shoestrings. The people who pledge are also giving back because every time you buy or contribute to Bondi shoe laces they donate to poorer countries. I think Bondi laces could be a success but they need to create more products because a shoestring company is not really a good investment.


The last video I did from the fashion category was about Henry & Ashe watches. This is a watch and Rolex company. The watches are nice and look like good quality. But the seller was the kickstarter video itself. It was just like a commercial. It had nice quality, cool soundtrack to go with it, a model who sported the watch, and it was quick. This was a smart way to convince an audience. Most things that people buy are advertised in commercial forms. It’s a convenient way to advertise. This project has raised way more than it has funded. Sometimes it not what you sell but how you sell it and I think this project defines that idea. Overall I would pledge to this company because I was well persuaded.



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