Wk5 Classmate Conversation


I have interview Kim Carrasco and she is 19 years old. She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and she plans to major in Sociology. She plans to use that to help her with special needs children. One thing I found interesting is that she is a part of undergraduate research opportunity program/researching autism. She told me it is a way she can help out to fight against autism. Also it is a good source to come to when you want to find more information about autism.

Kim told me she hopes to work with children with autism one day. It because she told me someone in her family has autism and she want to further be able to help people who else  go through the same thing. She said it is a passion of her to find as much knowledge as she can about autism and a way to treat it.

I found out her favorite food are hot wings. She loves Wing stop as her choice to eat. She also told me her favorite place to be is the beach. Then I asked her is this the reason she came to long beach and she told me it was a part of the reason. She said it clams her down, she loves the smell and the view.  After talking to Kim I found out she is a really cool person, and determine. I hope everything she strides for she gets. I wish all her dreams and visions comes true


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