Wk5 Artist Conversation


This week me and a few friends from my class visited gatov-west gallery. The art pieces we seen this week were hard to analyze. We initially thought they were puzzle pieces because of the squiggly lines and shapes that were adjacent to each other. Our perception was wrong. The artist stated that the purpose of her art was to portray that things are always going to change.

Her influence is the relationship between nature and civilization and how they intertwine and change one another. Each of her painting took two weeks and she has been working on the entire project since summer 2014. The first layer of her art is acrylic and the additional layers are oil paintings so they’re multimedia paintings. Another cool thing about her painting is that she doesn’t name them because she wants people to use their own creative knowledge to name or analyze the piece.

Overall, we liked the paintings because the vibrant colors and crazy shapes. We also like how the art can apply to many different aspects of life. When you look at it you might have a whole different perspective than someone else.


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