WK4 Performance Art & New Media

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So today at work I was giving this mask to wear. Aye first I didn’t do it because I though it wasn’t my style or something I would like to wear in front of people. But then I really thought I can use this mask to break out of my comfort zone. So than once I got out of work I thought it would be a cool time to wear it around the mall I work and to talk to random people. Then I went around the mall going up to women and just wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and give them a compliment.

At first I wanted to record people but then I found a lot of people becoming weird to the whole situation. So I didn’t record it because I didn’t want people to be upset about a camera. But one thing I found out about wearing the mask, a lot of people though it was cool after I told them why I was wearing he mask in the first place.  Also women enjoyed me telling them happy Valentine’s Day and a compliment. I got told that I made some women day by what I did. Another thing I realize a lot of people thought I was crazy for wearing it.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the challenge, just because it was something new. I’m not going to lie it was hard for me to walk around and go up to people the first couple of times. But after the third time it became easier for me to do it. I felt it was the best feeling in the world when you think you can’t do something and you end up doing it yourself. It gives you courage to go out and try anything you always wanted to do.  The major thing I learned today is go against your comfort zone and try something new.


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