WK4 Classmate conversation


      The person I interviewed was Taneshia Warren. Taneshia is currently a sophomore and for now she is a business major. She does have some second thoughts about her major and is thinking of minoring in fashion merchandising. She grew up in the town of Valencia, California but was born in New York. I learned that she hopes to study abroad possibly during her junior year. She doesn’t know if she will get to experience travel, so she hopes that she is able to take the opportunity from the school.

Taneshia also has 2 brothers, one younger and one older. Her mom is doing raising her and her brothers practically on her own and because of that, Taneshia wants to support her mom as soon as she can. She hopes to find a stable job after school where she can not only support herself, but also her family.

Some of Taneshia’s interests are going to the beach, hanging out with friends, drawing and listening to music. Her favorite artists are Jhene aikó, J. cole, and Drake. Overall, it was fun talking to Taneshia and I wish her the best in the rest of college.

#Shecool #gladimether


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