WK3 Artist Conversation


This week a group of classmates and I explored the art galleries and the artwork from Gatov-West caught my eye. We liked how the artist used oil paint because it brings the painting to life because of the vibrant colors. Oil paint creates beautiful landscape pictures compared to any other type of paint.  We also liked the detail of the photos. It seemed as though the paintings were time-consuming and took a great deal of effort and focus.

 Yireh Elaine Kwak is an oil painter who paints from a very interesting perspective. She stated the she was inspired by the beauty of nature. She lives on a hill which provides her with a lot of ideas for drawing. In her gallery, she had paintings of hills, trees, flowers, lakes and some abstract-like paintings. Some of her paintings were from urban landscapes and some of them were from natural landscapes. She mentioned that she connects with other artist that paint landscapes.

Kwak stated that her paintings do require time and patience. One of her paintings took a whole semester to complete. The painting that caught our attention was the one above. Not because it was the best one but because it didn’t relate to the other. It’s not as bright and natural looking as the others, but we later discovered that the painting stood out purposely to show the difference between natural world and urban world.


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