Week3 Instagram post


This week activity we were required to post four instagram pictures throughout Thursday. I feel this activity connects us in  a variety of ways with technology and social media as well .  It makes  you feel connected with your peers when you see there has-tag  in there photos. I felt like it was cool to see what people would post throughout there day , instead of the normal selfie or “Squad picture”.  You saw people post random things or things that were special to them and i just though that was amazing. Also it was different to see people that were going against the normally instagram unspoken rules.

My first post purpose was to show how much i appreciate the art  . I though it was cool to take a selfie with an  spectacular piece of art . I felt like the art had an amazing story behind it  and my purpose was to figure out what it was. Also the painting had a lot going on in it and i feel like it could relate to the art  because my life has a lot of stuff going on in it as well.

My overall experience with the post and seeing my fellow classmates hastags was fun and something new to me . I felt like you taking pictures of whatever you wanted really let you express yourself. Also that you were able revel yourself beyond society prospective   . So i enjoy this activity a lot and i cant wait for next week activity.


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