Week15 : Artist Conversation


This week i would have to say by far the best of the galleries i been to all year. There were so many  Artist work i would of love to interview, but i wouldn’t had the time to do them all. An Artist who caught my eye  was Elia Murray because her pictures and sculputures were cool .  I love that Murray’s animal sculputures were just for fun! A lot of the artists have meaning behind all their art but I rarely hear any of them talking about a piece that really had no deep meaning. She likes animals and she decided to mold it for fun, I love how simple it was!

Elia told us  how her mother was an artist and her dad was an illustrator so she was born into art! She’s the first artist I’ve talked too with both parents being artists which I think is pretty cool. She started art seriously in High School. That’s when she really learned what she was good at and what she wasn’t. When she got to college, she wanted to actually become an English major but her mother disagreed with it so her she is majoring in Art! Her mom told her that art was the way to go. I found it pretty cool that her parents only wanted her to major in art.

Elia  pieces mainly were inspired by things she read or things she’s done.Her fish painting came from a poem that she read. The painting of the doctor with the child is from a healthcare article and her circus piece of the thin man holding the big woman is about finding a surface or a balance between a two-dimensional world. ELia was a cool artist and im glad she was my last interview because she was simply amazing . I hope all her dreams come true.


Week 15 : Classmate Conversation


I got the pleasure to  meet Edgar Bueno this week. It is Edgar’s first year at CSULB. His major is currently sociology, and he hopes to go to dental school in the future. Edgar’s birthday is October 22. He went to Bellflower High School, where he played soccer. Edgar mentioned that he likes watching European soccer, and that his favorite team is Manchester United. Edgar is taking Art 110 to fulfill one of his GE requirements. So far, his favorite assignment has been the graffiti activity. His least favorite assignment has been the sculpture activity at the beach. He is an Laker fan and i told him i was a clipper fan and we have a little discussion of how are teams are better than one another .

So far, Edgar’s favorite class, in college, has been sociology. Something that Edgar and I both have in common is that were first generation college students . In addition, Edgar also has an little brother who is 12 years old and one that’s 15 years old. .Some last fun facts about Edgar is that he knows how to speak Spanish, and that his favorite color is blue . Another fun fact about Edgar he visited Cancun and Hawaii. He said he wants to travel the world one day . He also told me he wanted to visited Europe and Italy. He wants to travel the world because he want to be able to tell his future kids about his experiences . I enjoyed talking to Edgar and i hope nothing but the best for him and his future. He a cool dude and i know he going to succeed in life. Make sure you finish finals strong and enjoy your Summer.

Week 14: Artist conversation


This week I was able to interview a familiar face I saw a few weeks back in the art gallery, and her name is Yireh Elaine Kwak. I love her previous work as well as her new work. It is always exciting to see what she is creating next because she always have fresh new ideas. I was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to be able to see more of her incredible work before the end of the semester.

One thing that really caught my eye were her vibrant colors in her work.  Don’t get me wrong each painting in the gallery had vibrant colors but something about her work caught my attention. . It was really cool to experience this show in particular since I was able to see her work from weeks before. I feel like her work has a great meaning not only to her herself, but others are able to connect with the portrait and provide their meaning to it as well.

Miss hawk is a really cool artist but as well as a person. I enjoyed meeting her again even if she didn’t remember who I was.  The portrait I took a picture of was really cool because it had meaning to her. She told me it was a portrait of what she misses from her previous hometown and it will always have a part of her life. That just showed me that art has so much more meaning than it just looks like and I enjoy seeing other people passion threw their work.

Week 14: Classmate Conversation


On week 14 I interview a pretty cool guy name Kyle Dinsmore. He is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. He is a business major or either finance or management. He played basketball his entire life, he played in high school as well. Kyle told me it was between long beach and Fullerton. He chose here because of our gym and plus it near the beach, and the people here were pretty nice when he came too visited. Kyle grew up in fountain Valley, CA and went to Fountain Valley High School. While there he played basketball and ran cross country. He told me that ball was life and he only ran cross country so he could stay in shape for basketball.

Kyle said he always wanted to travel around the world when he has his career and the money to do it. Places he always wanted to go to was either Tahiti because of their beaches or Australia because of their accent and things to do there.  He said with free time his like to do activities like play basketball with friends, hiking, play video games and of course sleep.  He plans on getting a job at a hotel this summer to see if he would like it as a job.  He and his family are taking a family trip to New York this summer and he is really excited about it as well. I hope nothing but the best for Kyle and his future. I hope you have a good summer and good next semester. Remember to finish this semester off strong, and thank you for the fun interview. I hope I run into sometime next semester, have a good one.

Week 13 Artist Conversation


This week I had  interview a very talented artist named Shihori Nakayama. Nakayama is originally from northern Japan. She lived there until she was 12 years old. She  told me she been  doing this since a been kid. I found that response interesting  because no other artist have gave me an answer like that .

During the interview she explained that her art was based on memories and people she loves. Everything that people saw in her art on Thursday were drawings of people and animals she knew. They were not random which made me more interested in her work. Nakayama stated that her work took her 4 months to finish. She said she gets inspiration from her home which is Japan to help make her art. For example, the cows on the picture represent where she grew up. Currently, she is a grad student. When she finishes she said she wants to freelance.

I really enjoyed being able to have a wonderful conversation with Nakayama. I am glad she was one of the artist at the gallery this week. I hope nothing for the best for her and her future.

Week 13 Class Mate Conversation


This week i had the pleasure of taking with Conor Hawks . Conor is a 2nd year here at Cal State Long Beach and is studying film with an emphasis in production management. After  completing university , Conor hopes to work for a major film studio buying  scripts. Before coming to CSULB Conor was in the Coast Guard and deployed twice to Central and South America for law enforcement patrols. is favorite part about the military experience was the ability to travel ,  in is time he was able to visit over 10 different countries. In his free time he likes snowboard, camp and play beach volleyball.

We have  both have enjoyed art 110 and out favorite activity was the yarn bombing. Both of our artistic tastes are fairly similar, we both really like the graphic exhibit in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Though we both don’t understand the more modern art is too abstract for our tastes. We enjoyed walking around the exhibits together and discussing art , Conor favorite form of art is sculptures ether and discussing art, Connor favorite form if art is sculptures  because of the ability to envision something out of a child solid block of material. i hope to see Conor around campus and in Art 110 next week.

Week12: Extra Credit

For this week’s extra credit we had the option to explain which were are three favorite activities and which were the least favorite.  My favorite actives in this class were Student Choice, Social Photography, Yarn Bombing. I liked the social photography because we were able to use social media  like Instagram every day, so i though it was  pretty cool. The Yarn Bombing was fun because i was able to show my shoe design i made and i enjoyed sharing  that on my blog . The last one which was the Student Choice was a good activity because i was able to share what i did for spring break.

My three least favorite activities were the Plaster Casting, Portrait Photography,Graffiti Writing. I didnt enjoy the plaster casting because one it was hard to do as well as alot of materials need for it. The Portrait Photography one did not suit me because I do not like playing dead cause of religious reasons. . I did not like the Graffiti Writing project because I had to get the spray cans for it and it was hard for me to get them because i lost my id and i couldn’t buy them . So i had to have one of my friends buy them for me.

Overall, I do enjoy this class very much because it allows you to interact with people. It helps you get a network going and making your own brand kind of. I like how every week we have to meet a new person because in college you don’t talk to a lot of people in your classes.